Spring Produce


Fresh Produce

Fresh Produce

Spring is in the air! and this also means tons of fresh local produce. One of my favorite things to do when the weather warms up is going to the local farmers market wherever I may be. Luckily, I live just a few T stops away from the Haymarket year-round farmers market in downtown Boston where there is always amazing things to choose from. Great fresh produce at amazing prices that you would never see in a conventional grocery store. Because of my love affair with the farmers market I have relegated myself to no longer venturing there solo… because I will buy EVERYTHING.

The last time I went to the market I bought a carton of strawberries, a whole pineapple, fresh herbs, a red bell pepper and a bushel of asparagus for $4. Awesome deal!

I found a fun video from Zagat on how to go about shopping at the farmers market and how to navigate what is best to buy. Get out and go shopping!

Happy Eating


Benefits of eating a Mediterranean diet.

A few weeks ago I read an interesting article on the Boston Globe website about the health benefits of a mediterranean diet. It’s a dream! Food so delicious and rich is also good for you.

Since finding out that I will be spending a few months in the lovely country of Greece this coming fall I have become just googly-eyed  with the thought of all the culinary gems I’ll come across and couldn’t help but  pass along my excitement.

According to Kay Lazar’s article and research studies done by  the American Heart Association, it is now found that a mediterranean diet can help prevent heart disease.

A diet low in red meat and rich in fruits, vegetables, fish, nuts and olive oil. Replacing ‘bad fat’ from meats and processed foods with ‘good fats’ like olive oil and omega 3 fatty-acids that are found in nuts.
In the spirit of health and fine dining, here is a link to some of Boston’s best Mediterranean cuisine according to Zagat.

Eating good food is not just about fueling the body, but also the heart and soul… and the taste buds!

Try incorporating some mediterranean love into your dinnertime with these recipes.

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When Food meets the Web

I have two main loves in life. One is for journalism and media, the other for food and when these two things merge together in a cohesive way I am like a little kid on Christmas morning – staring wide-eyed  at the bounty under the tree.

Being a self-professed foodie I have my arsenal of media sources I check on the regular when I want a new recipe or restaurant to try.

I have a love affair for  Zagat’s Boston Blog as I have gushed before -The site visually is simple, clean and sophisticated. Just like the persona of Zagat itself. A mogul in restaurant reviews  Zagat is certainly an expert source in knowing where to go and what to order.

The reason I love their Boston blog is because it is tailored to my lovely city! A creative quark of the site is it has weekly themes, this week being coffee- which is àpropos for all the Boston college students muscling through exams this week. Last weeks theme was burgers! and who wouldn’t love that.  Zagat’s Boston blog does a great job of  profiling local restaurant news, chefs as well as incorporating national news and how that relates locally. It involves its audience by providing a link to sign up for their weekly newsletter  as well as there being a comment section/ linking ability to social media sites if you wish to share the particular story. – The site also has links for blogs in other major cities likes Los Angeles or New York City so if you are traveling you can still find the best ‘eats’ around you. The site also has a link to its original claim to fame- its reviews and ‘Best Of’ lists on Zagat.com

A few close seconds I also love to peruse are Renee Hirschberg’s blog, Eat. Live. Blog. I enjoy her site because it is more personal. Hirschberg is a local restaurant reviewers and food blogger and I originally came across her blog through her Twitter.  She live tweets comments and photos when she is out reviewing a new restaurant which I enjoy and you can really sense her passion and excitement for food through her writing and through her tweets. Her site is easy to navigate with different tabs for reviews and recipes and has a fun logo.

And lastly, an oldie but goodie  The Boston Globe’s Food and Dining Section. In its classic style you’d imagine your grandmother cracking open a copy of the paper on a weekend morning looking for a new restaurant to try. With mouth-watering photos, the front page of the section lays out every facet of foodie related news at your mouse-click. From its ‘Recipe Box’ to Q&A articles, reviews and news on food trends it is a no-fail way to find whatever local gastronomic news your stomach desires.

Maybe you will find me writing my next blog post at one of Zagat’s recommended ‘10 Hot indie Coffee Shops in Boston‘!

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Restaurants opening in 2013

This week I found many  new and exciting things happening on the Boston culinary scene just by digging around on Twitter.

I have made a list on my personal Twitter account of other food bloggers, local chefs, restaurants and others like Open Table Boston that I like to follow.

After professing my love for Zagat in my earlier post, here is a link to an article I LOVE that I found through their Twitter : ‘2013 preview-  10 Boston Restaurants and events we can’t wait for’

A list of all the up- and-coming events in Boston including restaurants that are preparing to open and different food festivals. Here are a few to point out from Zagat’s list:

-Chef Ming Tsai who is as well, a restaurateur and a television host of ‘SIMPLY MING’  is set to open a new restaurant in the city in early 2013. Ming already has a restaurant in Wellesley, Mass. called Blue Ginger.  He is now set to open, Blue Dragon Boston- an Asia gastropub in the Four Point Channel neighborhood of the city.

-Local chef, Christopher Coombs and his partner Brian Piccini’s newest undertaking is Boston Chops, an urban steak bistro set to open in the South End in mid-January. Coombs has also worked at dbar in Dorchester and Deuxave in the city. Boston Chops is said to be more relaxed, serving delicious steaks along with an endless pile of fries. Coombs was named on Zagat’s ‘30 under 30‘ list as one of Boston’s best up and coming chefs- having become dbar’s executive chef at just the ripe age of 23.

– Rivaling Chef Coombs is local chef Tim Maslow, who is also opening a new restaurant, Ribelle in Brookline, Mass. Maslow is the current chef at Strip T’s in Watertown,Mass. Ribelle is set to serve-up  modern-American fare.

I can’t wait to get out and give these a try once they’re open for business!

Four ‘foodie-approved’ websites

Eat Here Now!

I would like to share some websites I frequent when I’m looking for the latest in culinary news. From restaurant reviews, articles on the next big trend to profiles on chefs and more.

1) The New York Times: Dining and Wine – The New York Times is known for its gutsy restaurant reviews. Personally, I enjoy reading the Diners Journal section. An overview of great restaurants and what they’re serving that makes them so great. They are restaurants in the New York city area, but restaurants that can make it in the big apple can survive anywhere. Whats happening here gives the restaurant world a scope of whats popular and whats not.

2) The Boston Globe: Food and Dining – It is everything food and everything Boston-  trending right in your neighborhood. If you’re looking to find a new restaurant to venture to the coming weekend, reading the front page of this section will certainly steer your taste buds in the right direction.

3) Open Table: A personal favorite of mine. Open Table is a great site where you can make reservations online from your smart phone or online. Open Table has a reputation for  appealing to high quality restaurants -All the reviews are written by other Open Table members and foodies alike so you can trust that the reviews your reading are accurate and thoughtful. You can search for restaurants in any city as well as Open Table writers compile features like ‘ Best restaurants in Boston for Valentine’s Day’  and other ways to make your dining experience more worthwhile.

4) Zagat Boston Blog : Zagat is well-known in the culinary world and ‘anyone who is anyone’ on the restaurant scene wants to be placed on their yearly ‘Best of’ lists. This blog compiles local restaurant reviews, food trends, funny articles on chef and must-try places. Absolutely a hidden gem of local culinary know-how.

Photo: CC Chuy’s restaurant By JD Hancock and republished under a Creative Commons License. Some Rights Reserved.