Boston’s Heart-Warming Classics

With Boston in our hearts and on our minds, I can’t help but share some of my favorite Boston classics. As a child going on trips into the city was always a treat and the hearty New England cuisine will always be apart of my upbringing and holds a soft spot in my heart.

A summer-time favorite is the Lobster Roll (Lahb-stah Roll). It is not officially summer if these have not made it to the menu yet.  Here are some of Boston’s restaurants serving up the seafood sandwich. For the tenacious and adventurous, here is a recipe courtesy of The Food Network to make at home.

Now, what would a Red Sox game be if you didn’t hear the vendors shouting “Chowdah, getcha chowdah heah” in the summer heat. New England Clam Chowder is an institution in this city no matter the season. Here are some of the best places in Boston to get it. If you so desire, here is how to make it at home.

A final favorite, is The Whoopie Pie. I grew up eating these delicious cakes, following in the childhood tradition of my mother and grandmother. A New England classic, the Whoopie Pie is typically a light chocolate cake baked on a sheet pan, resembling a cookie. You take two and add a light whipped cream or marshmallow topping in the middle and eat like a sandwich. It is simple and  a delicious reminder of home for me. Make them at home.

If you can’t get to Boston, create a piece of Boston at home with these recipes.

Happy Eating to all, We are Boston Strong.


Restaurants supporting Boston and the One Fund

The amount of  love and support that has surrounded Boston this past week truly melts the heart.

Mayor Menino tweeted today that the One Fund has raised over 20 million dollars in the past 8 days, which is just incredible. All proceeds going to the victims and families of the bombing.

The world has come together  this week in a way that I have never seen in my lifetime. From donations, to donating time, care and just all the displays of pride and hope that has been seen across the city this past week and the world is enough to make you tear up.  I was riding the T just two days after the bombing and there was a group of young men going around from train to train singing Sweet Caroline just to boost the spirits of the strangers around them. Something so small and so simple made such an impact…

Everyone, in their own way  is coming together to help.  A laundry list of restaurants here in Boston this past week donated from 10-25% of the nights proceeds to the One Fund.

The Harpoon Beer Hall here in Boston, from 6-9 pm. each Tuesday for the next two weeks  is donating 100% of their proceeds from beer and pretzel sales to The One Fund.

Yesterday evening the FBI formally handed over control of Boylston street back to the Mayor, and restaurants slowly but surely will begin repair and re-open.  These restaurants in return are going to need OUR help. Between lost revenue from closure, repairs and spoiled foods these restaurants will need the community to come in and dine after the economic blow they have taken.

We have learned this week that support and love can come in so many forms and that there  is hope to come from tragedy. Boston has always been an amazing city, a strong city, filled with an incredible sense of pride. This tragedy has only reinforced that we live in a community unlike any other and that we are blessed. I am so proud to be a Bostonian.

We are Boston Strong