Four ‘foodie-approved’ websites

Eat Here Now!

I would like to share some websites I frequent when I’m looking for the latest in culinary news. From restaurant reviews, articles on the next big trend to profiles on chefs and more.

1) The New York Times: Dining and Wine – The New York Times is known for its gutsy restaurant reviews. Personally, I enjoy reading the Diners Journal section. An overview of great restaurants and what they’re serving that makes them so great. They are restaurants in the New York city area, but restaurants that can make it in the big apple can survive anywhere. Whats happening here gives the restaurant world a scope of whats popular and whats not.

2) The Boston Globe: Food and Dining – It is everything food and everything Boston-  trending right in your neighborhood. If you’re looking to find a new restaurant to venture to the coming weekend, reading the front page of this section will certainly steer your taste buds in the right direction.

3) Open Table: A personal favorite of mine. Open Table is a great site where you can make reservations online from your smart phone or online. Open Table has a reputation for  appealing to high quality restaurants -All the reviews are written by other Open Table members and foodies alike so you can trust that the reviews your reading are accurate and thoughtful. You can search for restaurants in any city as well as Open Table writers compile features like ‘ Best restaurants in Boston for Valentine’s Day’  and other ways to make your dining experience more worthwhile.

4) Zagat Boston Blog : Zagat is well-known in the culinary world and ‘anyone who is anyone’ on the restaurant scene wants to be placed on their yearly ‘Best of’ lists. This blog compiles local restaurant reviews, food trends, funny articles on chef and must-try places. Absolutely a hidden gem of local culinary know-how.

Photo: CC Chuy’s restaurant By JD Hancock and republished under a Creative Commons License. Some Rights Reserved.